Case Studies & Examples

Survivor Testimonies and Resilience Examples

Charleston, SC

In the following video, scientist Ana Zimmerman tells the story of when her home in Charleston, SC was flooded to the Association of State Floodplain Managers at their 2020 annual conference. Her story details how she started her own investigation into what caused the flood and her findings regarding a history of violations by the City of Charleston in its federally regulated floodplain management. She also introduces her relationship with Higher Ground, which is the largest flood survivor organization in the United States.

Hampton Roads, VA and Space Coast, FL

This multimedia webpage provides an overview of the sea level rise and coastal flooding challenges that residents face in Hampton Roads, Virginia and the Space Coast Florida region. It provides a brief textual overview of these challenges, videos of stories told by the residents of these communities, and interactive mapping to further illustrate water risk in these areas.

Myrtle Grove, LA

This article discusses the steps that a family in Myrtle Grove, Louisiana took to protect their home from Hurricane Katrina. It focuses on hurricane resistance techniques that the family followed in order to protect their home from wind and flood risks. It shares specific examples of what they did to mitigate hurricane risks and also links to a video where they discuss how their reinforced home withstood Hurricane Katrina.

Testimony videos collected by the Anthropocene Alliance

TA model home for coastal Louisiana: LaHouse

A model home for coastal Louisiana: LaHouse

LaHouse is a model home built on the campus of Louisiana State University. The home’s construction showcases science-based solutions for coastal living in a resilient, healthy, and efficient home. LaHouse is open to visitors for self-guided touring. LaHouse is a science-based showcase of solutions.

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